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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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We just finalized a zero-cost refi w/ Lily and lowered our monthly mortgage payment by over $500. The fact that we didn't have to fill out the loan app is an extra bonus (Lily did all the paperwork). This sounds like a testimonial for Lily, and I guess it is. We are very happy with her work and would recommend her without hesitation.

Clark Dong

I used Advante to refinance my home in Oakland. Not only did Lily and her team find us a refinancing deal with a rate that was far better than we expected, they were able to coordinate all of the documentation between the lender in California, my wife in Lisbon, and me in Pakistan, where I was on a business trip. Far more impressive than working a deal across three continents was the fact that Lily was able to press the lender into getting the contract ready for a window of opportunity when my wife and I were both in Lisbon. Additionally, She pressed the lender to grant us an extension when the international mail with our signed contract was delayed.

I can't tell you how much we appreciated Lily's customer service, thorough understanding of the market, and outright hustle to get us the best deal possible. I highly recommend Lily and Advante.

Gabriel E

My husband and I had nothing but best experience with Lily Shen and Advante Real Estate. Her knowledge of the local area really helped us secure a property that had multiple offers. We have never met anyone who's as quick to respond to emails, calls and texts as Lily. We really admire and appreciate her opinions and honesty about each and every transaction. I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for a real estate agent.

Donna T

Lily Shen is the best agent, I can 100% trust here. She will analyze the best bargain for you. Working with her, it saves me time. The only thing I need to do is taking her advice, sign the forms. She is so honest, efficient, and always accountable. We have bought two rental properties, and will continue to work with her for my future real estate investments. Lily has become our family friend and property investment consultant. She is our one-stop source for any property questions such as house repair, renting issues. She is also proactive to look best rate for refinance, and notify us once we are qualify it. The best part of her is she cares about clients and always response emails or phone calls almost immediately (I should say she works too hard).
We are highly recommend her if you are having any property questions or seeking any investment advice.

Tina W

A friend referred me to Lily Shen to do a refi on my primary home last year, after I attempted (but failed) for years to do so with different banks. Lily worked very hard and very quickly found a lender for me that offered good rates. She guided me throughout the whole process in preparing all required documents to secure the new loan. I was very happy.

On the same day my refi was completed, I expressed interests in buy a rental property as investment. Right away, Lily put together a plan. Not only she found a good property for me within a week, but she also helped to get the house. After my offer was accepted, Lily and her team again worked really hard to secure another loan for this property as well. We closed the house in the shortest time possible.

After only 7 months, Lily notified me that the interest rates were lower and I could save $100 a month on mortgage on the rental property. Indeed, I was able to do a refi to a lower rate mortgage with her help.

The service provided by Lily has been extremely professional. I can't be any happier.


Lily Shen is an honest, efficient, reliable, and hardworking real estate consultant. I have bought three rental properties, closed a number of refinances with Lily, and will continue to work with her for my future real estate investments. Lily is my one-stop consultant from purchasing to remodeling to renting and managing my properties. She always looks out for my best interest, with patience and good advice. This is why she has many referrals who are also satisfied with her services.

Lee N

I had the pleasure of working with Lily Shen and Advante to sell my home in San Jose. Lily is the ultimate professional. She is extremely knowledgeable of the market, a great communicator and looks out for your best interest. I was very pleased.

I highly recommend Lily. Great job!

Rob B

Lily helped me brought a great rental property in San Jose. Her excellent knowledge of the neighborhood; sound advice on what renters are looking for and tremendous experience in dealing with short sale and bank owned properties – I’m completely satisfied with her service and will recommend Lily to anyone who is looking for a honest, no nonsence and hardworking realty agent. In addition, I’m enjoying the sub-3% loan that Lily refinanced for me – and it is REALLY no point and no fee. I missed a few opportunities these few years because I went for a so call no point no fee refinance more than a decade ago which turned out to have quite a few fees or expenses that were not disclosed to me or with misleading descriptions. Anyway, I’m very pleased with the quick and easy refinance service Lily had provided.


I thought Lily was very knowledgeable about all aspects of the purchase of our rental. She gave us insights that only an expert in real estate could think of. She went through every step of the entire process with us as if she was purchasing it herself . She was thorough and detail oriented. She knew what to do and exactly when to do something. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a house, get a loan, &/or refinance because I went through all 3 transactions with her. She's as honest as a person can get!


Lily is our seller's agent for our old house and buyer's agent for our new house. Lily is the best agent I have ever worked with. She is very professional and knowledgable in selling and buying strategies to get the deal done and also maximize our interests. I highly recommend Lily.


Lily Shen is truly a professional realtor and loan broker. Her attention to details is exemplary. She was very patient in guiding us, the novice real estate investors, through the lengthy and tedious bank own property buying process. Her knowledge about the real estate market is right on. I highly recommend any perspective seller/buyer to retain Lily for your housing needs

Raphael Sun

Lily was my real estate agent helping me buy a house a few years ago. She is very resourceful and trustworthy. I can always depend on her expertise for this process.

Kat Hsu

Lily has not just been a colleague but a good friend. She worked in IT when I first met her as a manager. She was well-liked by her employees and employers. She was known to be very personable and professional. Two traits which she balanced well in order to consistently meet deadlines while making sure her employees were happy.

During our friendship, I've seen her demonstrate her adaptability by making the transition to realtor and even developer. She has even advised me when I was considering buying a house, investing in stocks, and doing my taxes. Her advice has always been very sound. She always takes the interest of others to heart .

Thomas Patten

Lily is my seller/buyer agent. I have worked with several real estate agents and definitely Lily is outstanding from others. When she is in charge of my cases, I can put my trust on her and I'm very happy for the transactions she had done for me. Lily is the BEST!

Kevin Tu

Lily has helped us in a few occasions with the purchase of our house and mortgage. She has always been very helpful and dedicated to find us the best deal. We will definitely work with Lily again.

Delphine Donne-Crock

I highly recommend Lily Shen as a realtor. She did a wonderful job for us during our long and exhaustive new home search. Lily is very familar with the SF Bay Area real estate market (especially in the South Bay/Pennisula areas.) She was very professional and responsive to our multiple inquiries. And when it came down to negotiating and looking after her clients' best interest, Lily really went above and beyond. I highly recommend Lily.

Sandra Chim

Lily is an exceptional agent who helped me with two home loan refinances recently. She focuses on her client’s needs, monitors relevant economic news, and stays in close contact during the process. I also worked with Lily at Broadcom, where she was a respected software engineering manager and team builder.

David Hiramoto

I bought THREE houses through Lily in 2010, and I'm extremely happy with the experience on every one. She is smart, genuine, honest, direct, patient (with me), persistent (with others), and great at bargaining. All three of my houses are rentals bought at bargain prices, and were cash-flow positive on day one. I really enjoy working with Lily, and don't think I would have done as well (or enjoyed it as much) with any other agent.

Lily is patient and honest, and not just trying to get a quick sale. She has never rushed me or pushed me to make an offer, and she's the first to point out problems with a house and discourages me from making bad offers. I was new to real estate last year, and she educated me every step of the way. She's also patient with short sales, which are a lot more work for the agent, and which many other agents won't even try.

She's also a very good agent -- she's smart, she takes initiative, she's persistant, and she gets the best deals. She generally responds to email within an hour (even late at night), and she's even gotten up at 6am to call my lender first thing in the morning on the east coast! She will follow through with slow sellers that most other agents would give up on (which is how I got the best bargains). I got one of my houses despite a higher offer, because her persistence convinced the selling agent that I'm a better buyer. I think she enjoys the game of getting the best deals, and has saved me money or gotten me extra freebies on every house, completely on her own initative. For example, she used the termite report to get me $9000 back on a bank-owned as-is house, after the deal was signed. I don't think you could find a better agent!

Lily has my complete trust, and I really enjoy working with her. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house in the south bay area -- you couldn't ask for a better agent!

Steve Dill

Lily helped us buy and get financing for our first house in 2011. She then helped us refinance the house after the interest rates dropped even further in 2012.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with her. She was patient with our first timer questions. Her email response time was usually minutes to maybe an hour if it was really late at night.
She pushed the seller(s) to the limit (and maybe a little bit beyond) to get us the best possible deal.
Withouth reservation I recommend Lily to anyone who is in the market to buy a house or needs financing for one - in fact a few of my friends have since had the pleasure to work with her and are very happy with the results.

Clemen Drews

Lily helped me to buy a "short sale" apartment. I really appreciated her help in the extremely long process of negotiation.
Robert French: Lily is a real estate goddess. She helped me arrange a minor remodel at an incredibly reasonable price and now manages the property with almost no involvement from me. More recently she helped do a very smooth refinance that Wells Fargo had already denied after requiring a pile of unnecessary paperwork. Lily always answers her email almost instantly, day or night, and simply gets the job done without complications or drama. I would use Lily again in a heartbeat.

Peter Chan


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